Business Optimisation

The issues are not just those relating to competition; regulatory and compliance needs have to be balanced with profitable business operations. Therefore, companies have to adopt flexible, scalable and sustainable business processes to support the achievement of the company's mission. To be successful, companies need to acquire information quickly and accurately on the effectiveness of existing processes and identify the "missing" processes that are critical to the business. The analysis and investigations of the Critical Success Factors (CSFs) within any company and the effectiveness of business processes take far too long using traditional approaches (i.e. typical consulting). In addition, the analysis tends to divert day-to-day business focus into lengthy and laborious tasks that cause staff resentment rather than appreciation of the intended results.

Chase Cooper's approach to Business Optimisation has been developed using many man-years of business experience. The process begins with a defined set of CSFs that are inherent within business functions e.g. strategy, finance, operations, IT etc. The results are prioritised and actions generated from measuring quantitative information and statistical analysis (for accuracy) that affects each CSF.

The entire business optimisation process can be completed extremely efficiently and effectively, the time being dependent upon the size, geographic spread and complexity of structure of the organisation.

The results made available can be acted upon without unnecessary delay, thereby halting further impacts of impaired or missing processes as well as impeding the growth of risk.

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